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06 June 2006 @ 09:13 pm
I walked into work with the dog today. Stupid me wore the old shoes and now my feet hurt. But the dog, Chompers, didn't bite anyone when they petted him. What a funny little dog. When we got him, over a year ago now, he was really insecure, and if he ever thought he was in trouble, or backed into a corner, he would freak out if someone tried to touch him. Like, I'm talking berserker-Wolverine-type rage. First day I met him he went after me, and I tried to nudge him back into his cage with my foot. He went after my shoe. Funny dog. Anyways, point is, strangers can touch him now and he doesn't bite them. So. Yay me.

Talked to Catherine earlier. She said Gryphon has been deemed 'dangerous' by our coach. Seems laughable to me, but I guess it makes sense, considering what happened to him. Not that it was his fault, or anything, but it had to have freaked him out. And better safe than sorry and all that crap.

On a completely different note, I saw on tv today that Wolverine is the most bankable movie character, like, ever. Go Hugh Jackman.

My feet hurt. Gonna go lie down with my stuffed ninja turtle.

yeah. I said ninja turtle.
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