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18 September 2006 @ 03:53 pm
Uh, is this still me?  
So, hell must have frozen over. Seriously. It's the only explanation for the purpose of my post. Certainly explains why my toes are cold.

Anyways, on to the purpose. I, devout listener of Metallica, AC/DC, Ozzy, Three Days Grace, Guns 'N' Roses, Motley Crue and Quiet Riot, have done the unthinkable. I have crossed a line that I never intended to cross, and that I can never step back over. For even a casual heavy metal fan, I have done the unthinkable, and in the minds of many, am deserving of the harshest of punishments.

*deep breath*

I bought a Christian album. And have listened to it enough to know the words to all eleven songs.

I hope this doesn't get anyone all shirty. I have absolutely nothing against Christian, or religious music of any kind. It is simply not my bag, baby. That is, it wasn't my bag. But to be fair, I have no intention of ever delving further into this genre. Because, let's face it, it's not the subject matter or even the music that drew me in. It is the singer.

As much as I like to think otherwise, I haven't really grown at all from that twelve year old spaztic girl who listened to Backstreet Boys all her waking and many of her sleeping hours. I like to think I have, but really I haven't.

So once I heard that Brian Littrell, my favourite from back in the day, had released a solo album, I had to get it. Most of my friends will attest to the fact that I am loyal to a fault, and apparently this extends to people I have never met before. So I bought the album. And post-purchase, post-package penetetration, realised how intensely Christian it is. And most shocking of all, I don't really care. Because it is a good album.

For anybody who was, or still is, a BSB fan, the music tone and style is quite similar to their music. Subject matter is different, but they're only words, right? And his voice is just so freaking...whatever...that he can sing a fucking commercial jungle and give me goosebumps. So, what the hell, right?

Anyways, my favourite song is by far Gone Without Goodbye. Actually made me cry in the car on the way home from Best Buy. His voice is just haunting, and combined with the words and sentiment of the song...whew.

Also, pictures of him with his son in the back of the cd book just about made my ovaries burst. And his son introduces a song called Jesus Loves Me in the cutest way possibly.

So, the moral of this post is that one shouldn't judge music by the genre others place it in. That is doing a disservice to the artist, and the music itself. What I'm trying to say, is that anyone who genuinely likes music, even if it happens to be about Jesus and God and faith, should go out and grab this cd. Yes, it's that good.

As a sidenote, I caught the tail end of an interview he did about Sept. 11, and realised, at least partly, why he believes so intensely. His wife, pre-pregnancy, was scheduled to be on the first plane that hit the World Trade Center. She cancelled the flight last minute, and as a result, Brian now has a son. Gotta say, if something like that happened to me, I would believe too.
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Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?